Penguin games download

Yetisports 7 Free-Ride is the seventh installment in the now hugely popular penguin games saga. Snowboard with the Yeti, trying to outrun and hit all the penguins with your board, making jumps on the dunes and collecting as many points as possible. The ibexes will be able to help you because with their goring they… Continua a leggere Penguin games download


How to restore pc to a previous date

After installing programs the operating system no longer works, many crashes, unexpectedly closes, suddenly the system became unstable, and then the question arises how do I return it to how it was the day before? Formatting does not solve the problem, in the sense that I will then waste time getting the computer back on… Continua a leggere How to restore pc to a previous date


Free flash games download

Free games online Free online games organized into categories every day. The editorial team selects and reviews all the flash games downloaded from the web in Italian. One of the largest online gaming communities in Italy. Free flash games download Collection of flash games divided by category, to play online or download and use offline.… Continua a leggere Free flash games download


Solitaire card games

Pyramid solitaire Solitaire card game suitable for android, find the clues hidden under the cards. Match a card with a higher or lower value than the one in your deck. Collect scarabs and clues on your journey to discover hidden treasures and the magic of the ancients. Complete each episode and embark on a quest… Continua a leggere Solitaire card games


Delicious recipes for dinner

Quick but delicious recipes to prepare dinner Quick recipes Delicacies in a few minutes, from appetizers to desserts. Magic recipes Recipes attributed to witches or considered magical or aphrodisiac. Recipe for dinner Don't know what to cook tonight? Here are many quick recipes for dinner, quick and easy last minute ideas to please your family… Continua a leggere Delicious recipes for dinner


Mahjong games download

Trentyguy A combination of mahjong and pacman… windows game Super_Trentyguy A combination of pacman and mahjong, windows game Shanghai-fun 3d Game in 3d, need directx 6, game for windows Shanghai Mahjongg A nice flash game of mahjong, game for windows… Real Mahjongg Real mahjong played in china windows game My Mahj A nice 2d/3d mahjong… Continua a leggere Mahjong games download


Lola game download

Lola game download Lola game is a pc game, it is a classic "role-playing game", in which the player assumes the role of a zootenic entrepreneur , whose goal is to manage a farm and produce high-quality milk through prudent investment choices, continuous attention to animal welfare, progressive increase of knowledge. The aim of the… Continua a leggere Lola game download


Puzzle games

Puzzle games: CrYpTo It's a free online game dedicated to fans of puzzles and mysteries! With more than 5,000 subscribers, it has now become the most important and popular puzzle site in Italy. It contains a rich set of side puzzles, rebuses, anagrams, riddles and word games that you can enjoy playing alone or in… Continua a leggere Puzzle games

space invaders

80's games, old games

Minigames A selection of old games on the minigames.com site 80's video games Special online games from the 80s. The games that made history. The games we all played in the arcade. 80s – Virgil Hundreds of free online games. Solitaires, Puzzles, Cards, Action Games. Classic Games Classic Games Remakes – Free Games presents a… Continua a leggere 80's games, old games