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ace taker Card games to download
A vast site where you can find a large amount of games to download, all absolutely free. In fact, presents an archive of games all distributed as freeware, so no demos or incomplete games, no trial games, no paid games. Inside many card games to download

Trump called
It is possible to download the game for Windows. Online tournament results, players, standings and rules.

123 Free Solitaire
Free version of SolSuite, one of the most popular solitaire games
Absolutely Appreciate:
Carpet, Easthaven, Fifteens, Freecell, Grandfather's Clock, Klondike,
Monte Carlo, Precedence, Royal Rendezvous, Spider One Suit, Spider
Two Suits, Up or Down.

10 board card games
Collection of over 10 board games to download for free.

Very simple solitaire. Solitaire with French cards, square
all the cards in their place, but be careful not to place
the Kings.

7 and 1/2
With 7 and 1/2 you play one of the most famous games against the computer
of Italian cards

Famous Pyramid Solitaire.

Among the various options you can choose the number
of players (2 or 4) and the final score (11 – 16 – 21).
Online casino games, poker, slot machines, blackjack, baccarat, backgammon, bingo, dice….

Yahoo cards online
Card games on the yahoo portal

Poker texas Ita

Poker Texas Italia has great graphics! Download it for free and you can start playing right away without registering. Up to $5,000 in giveaways every day, professional tournaments and special activities. Make your millionaire dreams come true with zero fees. Control the world in one hand, become the number 1 Poker player in Italy! Card game apps

WhatWapp Entertainment can present you the classic Tressette game available for free for your Android smartphones and tablets. With completely renewed graphics, even more fun and captivating, Tressette stands out for its numerous animations and sound effects.

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