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Uno is a game that is used especially with many players during holidays or evenings. The aim of the game is to discard as many cards as possible and try to finish the cards in your hand before any other player

Video poker
A nice game of poker against the pc…

Tressettes for 7xp
The software simulates the famous Italian card game tressette, played in four to win (1 real player 3 computer-managed players). Trial version lasts 30 games

The tressette game is certainly one of the funniest and most played card games in bars. With this game in Italian you can finally play tressette on your PC.

South park solitaire
There are 12 unique decks of cards to choose from. In the game you can choose whether to play in Standard mode or Enhanced Vegas

Sailor moon solitaire
A nice solitaire with sailor moon characters

Scopone scientific
The game of scientific scopone is one of the funniest card games with a lot of tradition. With this game in Italian you can finally play scientific scopone on your PC.

Plank broom
Similar to Scopa, it is a freeware version of Scopa where by playing an Ace you get all the cards on the table.

Cribbage solitaire
Classic solitaire game

A game of Blackjack against the computer…

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