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A site where you can download and listen to songs and free music in mp3 format. The site consists of a sort of mp3 search engine where you just need to write the name of the song or your favorite author to be able to hear or download it for free.

A search engine for wav sounds, about 1,000,000 of all types, animals, birds, parties and anniversaries, insects and much more. For those who want to find a sound effect of anything this site is fine, to visit!

XstreamRadio is a player for listening to streaming music. This software also allows you to record the music broadcast by your favorite station.
In fact, it allows you to record every broadcast or radio song in a convenient file in MP3 format.

Dance 80 Music
The music, the characters of the 80's that characterized dance in the 80's in Europe. Online, sorted alphabetically and by genre, the free mp3 files of the roaring 80s to download.

Music from lastfm
A department dedicated to music where you can download songs for free.

This rich site deals with everything related to digital music. It offers a music news magazine and a vast download area from which you can download hundreds of free music software divided by theme and file.

by registering you can download 50 MP3s for free! You have 2 weeks to download the 50 free MP3 files. Site in English.

Debaser is a social utility in Italian that allows all registered users to write a review of any disc on the market. You can search the review database by artist name or release year.

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