How to restore pc to a previous date

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After installing programs the operating system no longer works, many crashes, unexpectedly closes, suddenly the system became unstable, and then the question arises how do I return it to how it was the day before? Formatting does not solve the problem, in the sense that I will then waste time getting the computer back on track, so you can try to restore the system state to a day or two earlier. How do I restore my PC to a previous date? Windows includes recovery functions that allow you to return the state of your computer to a previous date, removing any harmful programs or drivers but keeping all data intact. It could be the ideal solution to fix your computer. Read More Let's see how the procedure is step by step. There is the restore function in the system configuration included in Windows, by means of which it is possible to restore the state of the PC to a previous date by restoring Windows and the programs installed on the computer without losing data. To use it, it is advisable to open the Control Panel, search for the term recovery in the search bar located at the top right of the Explorer and click on the Restore a previous condition of the computer icon present among the search results. In the window that opens, choose the option Open System Restore, insert the check mark next to the item Choose a different restore point and click on the Next button. Then choose the date to which you want to restore the state of the system and click on the Next button to start the restore process. The process can take up to several minutes, so don't worry if your computer seems to freeze for a while. If the dates available for system restore do not include yesterday's date, it means that no restore points were created during the day. All you can do is choose the restore point closest to today's date and wait for the procedure to be completed.

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