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Puzzle games: CrYpTo
It's a free online game dedicated to fans of puzzles and mysteries! With more than 5,000 subscribers, it has now become the most important and popular puzzle site in Italy. It contains a rich set of side puzzles, rebuses, anagrams, riddles and word games that you can enjoy playing alone or in the company of your friends. The game has been online for more than two and a half years and still no one has managed to complete it. If you are not an expert in games of the "online enigma" genre, you can start from the CrYpTo Demo, the solutions of which will be provided to you if you request them on the official forum linked to the game.

Games, intelligence and creativity
Games, mind and creativity. Logic games and lateral thinking, intelligence tests, logic puzzles. Paradoxes, riddles and puzzles, games on visual perception. Articles on the mechanisms of the mind.

It is the site of the famous periodical 'The puzzle week': crosswords, quizzes, rebuses, verse puzzles, inextricable puzzles, fun interactive games, amusing cartoons, english games and also a great challenge in which to defeat other users!

This site offers you the possibility to measure your intelligence through original and intelligent games. Find logic problems, mathematical questions, games with numbers or matches, geometric problems, physics games, the classics and the most difficult section for geniuses only. Try to find out if you fall into the latter category.

Song of the Sphinx
Site of puzzles, puzzles in verse, crosswords, cryptography, rebus.

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