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Car insurance is a policy that covers any damage to other people or their property in a traffic accident. Car insurance may also include coverage for damage to the insured's vehicle, depending on the options selected when purchasing the policy.

The minimum mandatory insurance required by law for all vehicles is civil liability , including damage to third parties . This insurance is mandatory under the laws of all EU countries. However, there are a variety of auto insurance options to choose from for more coverage in the event of an accident.

The Italian insurance system provides a scale from 1 to 18 (common scale or CU) based on the insured's claims. Tier 1 is the highest, with lower premiums, while Tier 18 is the worst, with higher premiums.

The mechanism for passing from one type of merit to another is called "bonus-malus" : it rewards those who do not cause accidents and punishes those who drive less carefully. A Risk Act , ATR for short, is a document in digital format which reports the driving history of each insured person. It includes the history of claims in recent years and provides a very important piece of data: the assigned universal value class , necessary for calculating the estimate of motor civil liability.

In fact, every motorist (as well as motorcyclists and road hauliers) has a personal "insurance career". Therefore, it is worthwhile to carefully review any offer and adapt it to your current situation. Therefore: by degree of merit, province of residence, date of birth and duration of the license and vehicle (age, average annual mileage). Then any more attractive terms and collateral must be added. The Bersani Law and the RCA Family Bonus are interesting solutions for new drivers who can avoid starting from class 14 by inheriting more favorable CUs from their family members. To be able to take advantage of it, it is necessary to show the family status to the insurance company.

The main types of motorcyclist coverage are: Kasko coverage for damage to the insured's vehicle and/or theft of the vehicle itself, coverage for personal injury to the driver, coverage for damage caused by natural events and coverage for damage caused by natural disasters. Damage caused by the driver of the uninsured vehicle is covered. Among other guarantees , the protection of the driver in the event of breakdown or damage to the car from natural and atmospheric events can add legal protection for support in the event of litigation.

To choose the most suitable car insurance for your needs, it is important to evaluate variables such as the value of the vehicle, the frequency of use of the vehicle, the position in which it is parked, the number of passengers in the car, age and experience driving. Temporary suspension and access to motor policies can be applied online Programs to receive new quotes, confirm contracts instantly and customize to meet new needs. Quickly manage each case assessment and customer service call, all through a digital interface. Not to be overlooked is the saving of time: with just one click you can visit the company website and fill out the form with the data requested to get your quote . Moreover, with the help of a smartphone, those who opt for online car insurance can issue contracts anytime, anywhere and at any time of the day.

Car insurance is important because it provides financial protection in the event of an accident. Otherwise, the resulting damage can be costly and difficult to manage. Furthermore, car insurance is compulsory throughout the European Union . Driving without car insurance is considered a crime and can result in serious penalties such as driving license suspension and fines.

Finally, auto insurance is a very important form of financial protection for car owners. Choosing the right auto insurance policy can be a complicated process, but with online policy comparison services and industry expert advice, it gets easier. Having car insurance means protecting yourself, your vehicle and other road users

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