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Car valuations are essential for determining the selling price in the case of a private purchase or sale, but also for determining the insurance value or knowing how much a vehicle is worth when it is scrapped.

The rating is based on several factors, such as the model, year of manufacture, mileage, condition and maintenance of the various parts and interior . It is also important to consider whether the car has been in an accident or has been repaired.

Attention should be paid to the general condition of the vehicle, including bodywork and tyres. Check for dents, scratches or rust, as well as doors that open and close properly and signs of repainting, perhaps after an accident. The regular execution of coupons and modifications (as evidenced by the circulation documents) is another point in favor of used car sellers.

To make a reliable assessment, it is necessary to consider all aspects affecting the price of the car market . One of the first things to consider is the model of the car, which determines the initial purchase cost. The newer the model, the higher the starting price.

Generally, a car loses 25% of its initial price after 1 year. This percentage doubled after 3 years and reached 80% after 8 years. The first useful tool for positioning yourself more precisely is the used car price list, which is usually accompanied by the Eurotax quotations of the best-known automotive magazines. Quattroruote is the specialized magazine referenced by the general public, while Eurotax is the most complete and preferred price list by professionals in the sector such as dealerships and car showrooms, a substantial subscription fee is required to access the price list. There are two versions of Eurotax, identifiable by the color of the cover, one blue, which indicates the sale price to traders, and the other yellow, which indicates the purchase price from traders.

For every used car, even out of production, he proposes a sale offer. And it is precisely this tool that many dealers use in negotiations. Of course, this is a price basis on the basis of which the cost level can rise or fall. There is no shortage of specialized online portals for the purchase and sale of used cars, which increasingly offer free evaluations.

Another fundamental aspect, which affects the value of a car more than one might think, is the year of production . The latest generation of cars can be worth more than very similar models from a few years ago. Even the specific technical equipment that may be present, such as a satellite navigator or an integrated entertainment system, can affect the value of the car.

Another factor to consider is mileage . A car with many kilometers struggles to maintain its value because it is thought that it will require more maintenance and possible repairs. In this case it is important to know the history of the machine and how it was used by the previous owner.

The condition of the car is a key aspect of the valuation. The car may be of recent construction, but if it has not been properly maintained by the previous owner, its value will drop significantly. The most important components to check are the engine, battery, tires and brake system.

Finally, it is important to assess whether the car has been in an accident or serviced in the past. These factors can be important to the appraisal and can lead to a decrease in the car's value.

To make a correct evaluation of the car, you can also contact professional websites or professionals in the sector. This way you will get an idea of how much you can claim on the car in the event of a private sale or scrapping.

However, it should be emphasized that the final price of a car is not given only by its valuation. Other external factors, such as market supply and demand, can have a significant impact on prices.

Bottom line, a car appraisal is an essential step for anyone looking to buy or sell a car. Unintentionally undervaluing or overvaluing a car can lead to negative consequences, such as poor realization of the selling price. Therefore, it is important to contact professionals in the sector for a reliable and correct evaluation.

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