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foreign-press French foreign newspapers

Le Monde
Site of the best-selling French newspaper which includes all the publications of the publishing group. Insights, articles and surveys enrich the online journal. In French.

Le Parisien
The French newspaper allows online consultation of the articles offered daily. The archive and subscription service are also available. In French.

Le Figaro :
It offers information and current events, as well as interesting sections on the "Art of Living", dedicated to wines, food and travel. In French.

Foreign newspapers in English

The New York Times
The most famous American newspaper in New York. Inside, articles, editorials, news from America and the world.

New York Post
The site of the New York newspaper, enriched by sections on finance, sport and gossip.

Los Angeles Times :
Online version of the Californian big city newspaper. News from America, from the world and space for local news. Also, sports and entertainment.

The site offers numerous services: job offers, in-depth advice. It can be consulted quickly and easily. In English.

The Times
The online English newspaper offers not only news but also games and recipes and travel.

Spanish foreign newspapers

El Paìs
The most popular Spanish newspaper offers the contents of the day's edition on its website. It also offers multimedia, photographic and themed sections.

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