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digital solidarity Digital solidarity
It is the initiative of the Minister for Technological Innovation and Digitization, with the technical support of the Agency for Digital Italy, to reduce the social and economic impact of the Coronavirus thanks to innovative solutions and services.

The initiatives, services and solutions available have the common goal of improving the lives of people who are currently forced to change their habits by allowing them to:

  • work remotely, through fast and free connectivity and the use of advanced smart working platforms;
  • read a newspaper for free even without going to the newsstand or a book without going to the library on your smartphone or tablet;
  • keep up with school and training courses, thanks to e-learning platforms.

How to join
Are you a company or an association and do you want to offer a completely free digital service to all Italian citizens to reduce the social and economic impact of the Coronavirus?

Fill out the form with the following information at the bottom of the Digital Solidarity page.

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