Luna Rossa, Video and history

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sail Luna Rossa is the name that unites the formula boats of IACC (International America's Cup Class, today simply IACC) distinguished by the sail numbers ITA 45, ITA 48, ITA 74, ITA 80, ITA 86 and ITA 94 built by the Prada Challenge union for America's Cup 2000 (which later became Prada Challenge for America's Cup 2003 and later Luna Rossa Challenge 2007) created and chaired by the Italian entrepreneur Patrizio Bertelli.

On August 3, 2007, Patrizio Bertelli, on behalf of the union, announced that Luna Rossa will no longer compete for the America's Cup, and then, on December 9, he changed his mind and announced his presence at the 33rd edition, returning with the Yacht Club Punta Ala.

Luna Rossa official website

Video of Luna Rossa – America One Finale 2000

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