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A combination of mahjong and pacman… windows game

A combination of pacman and mahjong, windows game

Shanghai-fun 3d
Game in 3d, need directx 6, game for windows

Shanghai Mahjongg
A nice flash game of mahjong, game for windows…

Real Mahjongg
Real mahjong played in china windows game

My Mahj
A nice 2d/3d mahjong game, windows game

My Jong 2
A nice MahJong with many scene choices, windows game

Mahjongg Xmas
Christmas mahjong game for windows

Mmahjongg Voes
Another nice mahjong game, one level, windows game

Well-known mahjongg card game. This is a new and equally fun version of MahJongg, the famous classic game that has been depopulating the world of video games for years now.

Publicato: 2022-06-28Da: wonder

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