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Yetisports 7 Free-Ride is the seventh installment in the now hugely popular penguin games saga. Snowboard with the Yeti, trying to outrun and hit all the penguins with your board, making jumps on the dunes and collecting as many points as possible. The ibexes will be able to help you because with their goring they will increase your speed impressively. Yetisports 6 Our good old Yeti goes surfing. In this sixth version of Yeti Sports we will have to try to hit as many penguins as possible with the surfboard when they jump out of the water. The higher up the penguins we hit, the higher the score we'll make. Yetisports 5 Penguin game: you have a certain number of shots and you have to reach the maximum possible distance. On the way elephants, giraffes, snakes and trees that will help and disturb you in your intent. Yetisports 4 This time the extravagant yeti, jumping on a platform, will have to hurl the poor penguin up where the albatrosses fly. Yetisports 3 In Yeti Sports – Seal Bounce all you have to do is throw the penguin as high as possible to set the record, but to do this you need great coordination, as well as a good dose of luck, since you need to know the best time to launch. Yetisports 2 In the second issue, the Yeti will have to hit the penguins with large snowballs, which will be tossed into the air with a blow from the tail by the "compliant" orca. You will have to be able to hit the penguin on duty with the snowballs and have it printed against the center on the wall of the iceberg. Yetisports 1 It's the first game of the penguin saga, the killer whale hits the penguins with baseball to make the penguins go as far as possible.

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