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gazette_logo Gazzetta dello Sport
The online pink journal, a site that can be freely consulted with comprehensive information on all sports; there is also a forum section and polls for expressing one's opinions.

RAI Sports
News on sport from all over the world edited by Rai, photos, videos, interviews, statistics and results. Non-stop real-time updates for major sporting events.

Kataweb Sport
News and images from major international sporting events. The section dedicated to football is well taken care of with live updates from the Serie A and B fields. Fantasy football.

Google sports news
Sports news updated in real time, reviews updated news from the major online newspapers.

The Republic
Section dedicated to sport always updated with real-time results and news of the major football sporting events.

Partner of some important companies of which it provides exclusive news. It hosts the sites of AC Milan, Juventus and other international clubs. On the site there is a shopping area, games, fantasy sports, videos, photos and audio.

Rino Tommasi's forum
The site with the official forum of the famous sports statistician.

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