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A company's telephone rates are a strategic element for cost control and call management. For businesses, business call rates need to be tailored to control costs and meet specific business needs.

Over the years, the business telephony market has grown to offer a wide variety of calling plan options. But how do you choose the one that best suits your needs?

First, it is important to understand what are the main options available, how much they cost and what they offer.

Main types of company telephone bills

The main types of rates for business calls include standard rates, pay-as-you-go rates, flat rate rates, and premium rates. Let's see them one by one:

Standard Plan : This type of plan costs a flat monthly fee and provides a certain number of free calls per month , plus you pay per minute. This option is suitable for businesses with limited phone usage.

Pay-as-you-go rates : Pay-as-you-go rates include a per-minute price with no monthly fees , giving users the freedom to pay only for calls they actually make. This option is suitable for businesses that use the phone occasionally and do not require a high volume of calls or additional data packages.

Flat Rate : This rate type offers unlimited calls and texts , and the monthly rate includes access to pre-negotiated data packages. This option is ideal for companies that need to share data on smartphones or tablets.

Premium Rate : This rate differs from previous rates because it offers dedicated premium service and add-ons such as high-speed connections, unlimited options, and international roaming . This option is suitable for companies with intensive use of the telephone.

Thus, the most suitable tariff can be selected based on the preferences and needs of the company.

What to consider when choosing a tariff for business calls

When choosing a business telephone tariff, you should first clarify the requirements for using the phone. In general, businesses need to consider how often they use their phones, especially in relation to the number of calls made and received.

For example, consider the possibility of using two telephone lines to make calls/internet, send/receive faxes or use the POS at the same time. VAT-registered ADSL offers often include a wide range of Wi-Fi solutions for business customers and, in some cases, even 24-hour video surveillance services. The whole panorama of business offers can be divided into two categories: services ADSL tariffs, telephone exclusions and promotional activities in the ADSL business sector.

The all-inclusive business ADSL offer is a more expensive promotion than a no-phone business subscription, but it's a good investment if your business has a lot of incoming and outgoing calls.

Corporate internet rates are also available as a rechargeable business offer, billed monthly or every 4 weeks, and as an annual ADSL offer, payable every 12 months.

Once identified, expand your search to available local phone companies. Some companies may offer better rates for busy calls, while others may offer more busy call add-ons.

In any case, be sure to select the option that offers the following options:

An acceptable cost for your business budget

Adequate support services to ensure continuous and uninterrupted communication

It can be customized according to business needs.

Before choosing a business calling rate, you should evaluate the options that are right for your business. Many factors need to be considered, such as data volume, the number of SIM cards required, the availability of adapters, and other features such as the ability to share an Internet connection among multiple smartphones, tablets, and office computers.

Finally, attention should be paid to company-specific requirements, such as security requirements, data retention, and the possibility of international use.

In summary, the choice of business telephone tariff depends on the type of business, the actual use of the telephone and the specific needs of the company. To choose the right tariff, it is important to conduct a comprehensive and targeted assessment.

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