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Most people never wonder what it means to have an electricity contract to power your home, or what it prevents in the event of a service outage or operator change. However, choosing the best contract can make a big difference in billing and ensure the right protections for consumers.

An electricity contract is an agreement between a network operator or an energy supplier and a final consumer , in the sense that a first party undertakes to supply electricity to a second party, which in turn undertakes to pay the cost of the energy consumed.

The connection request must indicate the owner's personal data, the intended use of the meter, the required power, the address of the supply, the building permit and, in the case of new construction, the building permit number. The connection can be requested from the distributor or supplier: in the second case, the supplier will forward the request to the distributor within two working days. This operation also requires the installation of a counter with POD code . On the other hand, we speak of the first activation of a meter installed when the meter is already present but the building has never been powered.

The contract contains all the necessary information on tariffs, on the cost of renewable energies, on any penalties for non-fulfillment of obligations and on the methods for activating or deactivating the supply. Furthermore, it describes the duration of the contract, the procedures for renewal and the termination clause.

Choosing the right contract is crucial because it also determines how much electricity consumers can buy. These contracts, in fact, differ mainly on the basis of the tariff type. The regulated tariffs are administered by the Authority for Electricity, Gas and the Water System (AEEGSI) and impose a fixed tariff for a specific period (usually one year) with the obligation to comply with one of the prescribed payment methods.

Unregulated rates , on the other hand, are those offered by the various operators and include many offers, including those with a fixed or variable price . Fixed price tariffs establish a fixed cost of electricity for a certain period of time (usually 1-3 years). On the contrary, variable price tariffs provide for a price that follows the trend of the energy market and is determined by the chosen operator.

In the enhanced protection markets, customers are subject to the electricity supply tariffs set by the Authority and subject to quarterly review. In a free market, on the other hand, consumers have the advantage not only of finding the best electricity supply, but of taking advantage of a fixed price for 12 months, switching from one supplier to another without paying anything. To find out which are the best electricity prices, and therefore enter into a contract, it is advisable to use an online price comparison site.

Furthermore, the tariffs with increased protection should not be underestimated, aimed at avoiding situations in which network operators or distributors exploit consumers. This rate is offered to help customers who are in financial difficulty. The electricity price is set by the authority, and there is a fixed price per kWh, which is lower than the set electricity price.

In any case, before signing an electricity contract, it is important to clarify any doubts and read the terms and conditions of the contract carefully. In addition, the rating of the operator is also very important: his level of reliability largely determines the user experience.

Finally, electrical contracts are easily editable. If you want to switch between carriers to save on your bill, there are a few simple steps you need to follow. First, you need to compare different market quotes. This comparison can be made on the websites of the various electricity companies or on, an internet portal that allows you to compare the rates of the various operators.

Once you have identified the offer that best suits your needs, you will need to write a letter to terminate your current contract. This step must take place 4-6 weeks before the change and allows the operator to implement the correct procedures for signing the old contract as well as activating the new one.

In conclusion, power contracts are an aspect that must be carefully considered. Not only is it important to choose the rate that best suits your needs, but it is also important to stipulate a contract with a carrier that guarantees the quality of the service.

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